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Current Post-Doctoral Fellows

Cody MasonCody-for-web2
Source-to-sink dynamics of large sediment routing systems with and without continental ice sheets: Value of detrital zircons for sediment routing system characterization and prediction, 2017-present

Current Graduate Students

Sebastian A. Kaempfe Droguett (Ph.D.)
Stratigraphic patterns of slope channel deposits, Upper Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile, 2017-present

Drew Parent (Ph.D.)
Patterns and history of Cenozoic deep-sea and continental margin sedimentation in the western North Atlantic Ocean, 2017-present [website]

Natalia Varela (Ph.D.)
Miocene-Pliocene turbidite and contourite sedimentation in the Ross Sea: Implications for West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Southern Ocean circulation history, 2018-present

Former Graduate Students (reverse chronological)

Cody Mason (Ph.D.) — completed May 2017
Tectonic exhumation and climate-driven erosion in extensional mountain blocks: Two examples from California, USA

Neal Auchter (Ph.D.) — completed December 2016
Basin Evolution and Slope System Dynamics of the Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia

Kristin Chilton (M.S.) — completed December 2016
Terrigenous grain-size record of the Newfoundland Ridge contourite drift, IODP Site U1411: The first physical proxy record of North Atlantic abyssal current intensity during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition

Sarah Jancuska (M.S.) — completed December 2016
Sedimentary processes and deposits related to slope system initiation, Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia

Patrick Boyle (M.S.) — completed May 2014
Cenozoic variations in the Deep Western Boundary Current as recorded in the seismic stratigraphy of contourite drifts, Newfoundland Ridge, offshore Canada 

Former Undergraduate Researchers (reverse chronological)

Taylor Sanchez (B.S. Geosciences)
Ice rafting or bottom currents? Characterization of the sand fraction in Oligocene mud-dominated deep-sea deposits of the Newfoundland Ridge, 2016

Shauna Flynn (B.S. Geosciences)
North Atlantic Ocean deep-water circulation dynamics at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition, 2015

Telemachos Manos (B.S. Geosciences)
Evaluating the influence of 300 million-year-old rivers on modern Appalachian Plateau topography, 2015

Rachel Corrigan (B.S. Geosciences)
Response of the Deep Western Boundary Current to climate change at the Oligocene-Miocene transition, Newfoundland Ridge drift complex, 2014

Eric Lahart (B.S. Geosciences)
Dynamics of the Deep Western Boundary Current from Greenhouse to Icehouse climate conditions, Newfoundland Ridge drift complex, 2014

Robert Ulrich (B.S. Geosciences)
Petrographic characterization of axial versus marginal submarine channel sandstones, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile, 2014

Chris Matthews (B.S. Geosciences)
Testing the contourite drift facies model with quantitative grain-size data, 2013-2014

Sarah Ault (B.S. Geosciences)
Carbonate dissolution or terrigenous dilution? Sortable silt record of decimeter-scale sedimentary cycles in the Eocene, Newfoundland Ridge drift complex, 2013

External Collaborators (alphabetical)

Virginia Tech faculty in sedimentary geoscience and related disciplines