The Sedimentary Systems Research group in the Dept. of Geosciences at Virginia Tech investigates the evolution and dynamics of sedimentary systems across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales using an integrated, source-to-sink approach. Specific research interests include clastic sedimentology, stratigraphic architecture, tectonics of sedimentary basins, deep-sea sedimentation, erosional-depositional system linkage, and paleoceanography.

We study ancient and modern sedimentary systems using outcrop, subsurface, and Earth-surface data to address geologic problems related to tectonic and/or climatic change as well as the relationship of intrinsic sedimentary dynamics to patterns observed in the stratigraphic record. Much of our research has implications for improving prediction and characterization of subsurface geology.

The Sedimentary Systems Research group is directed by Brian Romans. Visit the People, Research, and Publications pages to learn more.