New graduate student Sebastian Kaempfe

I’m very happy to welcome Sebastian Kaempfe to the VT Sedimentary Systems Research group. Sebastian is starting a M.S. degree and his research will be part of the Chile Slope Systems program, which is in the first year of another three-year phase.

Sebastian is from southern Chile (Punta Arenas), not far from the field area that is the focus on this research. He received a Bachelor’s in Geology at the Universidad de Concepci√≥n in 2009. Sebastian came to us after finding out from a mentor and friend that we were doing sedimentary geology research in Chilean Patagonia. He approached us a few years ago and asked if he could help out as a field assistant and learn about what we were doing. This relationship grew and he’s now working on his own project in the group.

We are excited to have him on board. ¬°Bienvenidos Sebastian!